3 Steps For A Better Running Computer

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Let’s talk about your PC computer. I have 3 Steps for you to Keep
Your Computer Running at Its Best. You depend on your computer
to do the things you want. Keeping it running at its most
efficient and protecting your information is very important.
Here are 3 steps to help you in your journey.

1) Update your Operating System Regularly:

The first step to keep your computer running at its best
and….protecting your PC and your valuable data is to ensure that
the operating system (OS) is updated with the latest security
patches. This is critical as OS manufacturers such as Microsoft
Windows update security features of their products continuously
to cover any potential and actual loopholes.

To check whether you have the latest update, click on the Start
Menu->All Programs and select the Windows Update icon. Windows
will take you to their update web page. From there just click on
the appropriate button to download and install and required
updates. We usually advise that this be done at least once every
two weeks.

2) Have a Good Anti-Virus Software & Firewall Program:

Secondly you should have updated anti-virus software running on
your system and a firewall program.

Make sure that the anti-virus software is updated frequently
(sometimes even daily if need be) with fixes to the actual
engine and to the database files that contain the latest cures
against new viruses, worms and Trojans.

The anti-virus software must have the ability of scanning email
and files as they are downloaded from the Internet to help
prevent malware reaching your system. You should also make sure
that the anti-virus software chosen also gives you protection
while on the Internet.

Next…be sure you have a firewall program. To activate your
Windows Firewall click on your control panel and select Windows
Firewall. Switch the firewall on by ticking the “On” radio

A good firewall prevents unauthorized use and access to your
computer from external sources (e.g. hackers or hijackers) plus
giving you additional protection against the more common Trojans
and worms. A firewall on its own will not get rid of the virus
problem but when used in conjunction with your OS updates, and
anti-virus software, it will give you deeper system security and

3) Backup your data:

Prevention is better than cure, so it is always advisable to
backup all your data regularly – at least once a week. And, if
you are a frequent PC user, you should backup your data on a
daily basis.

Doing these 3 steps will keep your computer running at its
best….and at the same time, protect your valuable information.
Please make sure you do this to insure your peace of mind.

Till next time……


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