Steve Hurst SPN Marketing

Steve Hurst has been working in sales and marketing for over 30 years. He started his marketing and selling career in the food business, selling to restaurants, schools and hospitals.

After spending 12 years “on the street” selling and being the number one salesperson for quite a few years at the company where he was working, they promoted him to sales manager. Then a year later, a better offer came along to be a sales manager for the largest food distributor in the nation (and a Fortune 100 company) and Steve jumped at the opportunity.

During his first 2 years with his new sales team, he increased the sales in his district by 20% each year. The first year with this company, he was the only sales manager to accomplish this feat. The second year, he was one of only two that attained this status. When another opportunity came his way, he took it and continued in sales management for another 3 years.

For 10 years he had his own computer business which included website building and consulting. The past 5 years he’s owned his own Business & Technology consulting business. Using his sales and marketing skills along with his knowledge of technology, he’s helping his clients increase their sales and profits by utilizing today’s technology.

Quote from Steve:

“I realized after all my years of marketing and selling to businesses, I had the ability to see what worked and what didn’t work for my customers and what made them successful. As a sales manager, I discovered that I could see the strengths and weaknesses of my sales people and show them how to capitalize on their strengths. Now I take all that knowledge along with today’s technology and help my clients increase their sales and profits.”

Steve is also a ventriloquist and the webmaster/marketer for Ventriloquist Central.

He considers himself a “beer connoisseur”, is a homebrewer, and enjoys good cigars.

His other interests include studying history, playing the guitar, building ventriloquist figures (dummies) and Superman memorabilia.