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If you own a computer at some point you will have computer problems….

How will you handle them?


 Advice from the so called computer "experts" could be destroying your computer!


Help Fix My Computer

“Who Else Wants To Avoid Having Those Frustrating Computer Problems?”


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Dear Friend,

I'm writing you this for a personal reason. I've rarely written notes like this in the past, but I feel it's essential to bring this to your attention.

Let me start by saying ...

This is a note about how you can finally get the help and information you need to get rid of those nagging computer problems.

Experiencing any problems with your computer can be very frustrating.   Whether you use your computer for personal or business, you want your computer operating at its best.  If you are in business or use your computer for business purposes, these problems affect you in many ways....downtime, lost productivity can cost you lots of money in the end.

In the next few minutes, I'm going to tell you how you can:

  • Eliminate those frustrating computer problems.
  • Master ways to use your computer to do what you want it to do.
  • Uncover the abundance of information available to you.

And I'm going to show you how you can do it without investing a penny.


“Who Am I And Why Should You Listen To Me”


My name is Steve Hurst and I’ve been helping computer owners with their computer problems for over fifteen years.  The last seven years in my own computer business. Here are some comments from my customers:


“It’s difficult to find a computer expert who’s both knowledgeable, available and can speak beyond the vocabulary of a techno-twit. The more than reasonable fees that you charged were just icing on the cake to the much more important matter of being able to take care of the computer problems on such a short notice as you have done time and time again. You’ve acted as the equivalent of the proverbial doctor who makes emergency house calls from the days of old.”

Bill Acker
Bill Acker Consulting Services



“For the past five years, Steve’s technical expertise has been invaluable to my appraisal business. In a marketplace which offers an overwhelming array of products, he has assisted me in choosing appropriate computers as well as peripherals such as scanners, printers and digital cameras; installed and networked equipment; and advised me on software use and program design. Without any specific background in my field, Steve quickly grasped the concepts of what I needed to provide to my clients and developed the appropriate templates. His knowledge is broad-based and widespread, familiar with older systems and equipment yet very well-versed in the newest products and developments. He provides wise counsel on what is truly used and applicable. Most valuable of all, Steve is able to communicate facts and instructions in an easily understood, no-tech manner. I was particularly impressed with his patience in making sure that not only were programs properly installed, but that I was competent in using them myself. His response time to calls and questions is exemplary, and he is highly motivated to find the best solutions for his clients.”

Mary Sudar , ASA
Accredited Senior Appraiser
Sudar Appraisals


In my years of working with computer problems I’ve seen too many people get terrible advice, lose all their information on their computers, get rotten tech support, use damaging or unnecessary software, etc, …and this is just the tip of the iceberg.  I could go on with more things like...

  • Too many programs loading up when your computer is started

  • Virus programs out of date

  • Improper use of software programs

  • Faulty hardware

  • No protection from power brown-outs

  • Inadequate ventilation for your computer

  • No privacy protection

  • plus many more harmful problems...

and it all could have been avoided.  In fact did you know….

"An undercover study of computer repair services found that over 75% of computer repair services could NOT FIX the problem……OR sold un-needed parts totaling over hundreds of dollars."


Don’t let this happen to you!


I'm asking that you put me to the test  

So, why am I writing this and what does it have to do with you? 

Everything!  Because I want you to prove to yourself that I am the “real deal” and that I can help you with your computer related problems…..without any risks.


"Cutting right through all the confusion, and using language that is easy to understand, Steve quickly arrives at the right solution time after time. When other computer techs have either dropped the ball or couldn’t find the real problem, he simply fixed my computer and got things back on track. He’s been my number one ‘go to’ man for years.” 

Bobbie Baxter
Change For Good,™ Inc.


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Three, you will discover how to access endless array of information that is available to you.


No Ulterior Motives, No Hidden Agendas
No Surprises.

You might be wondering why I'm offering you a free e-mail newsletter and whether it is a real newsletter or just a sales pitch. I'm going to tell you everything before you decide to subscribe.

Yes, it is a real newsletter that you will get advice and knowledge that you will find valuable in using your computer. It will contain information about using your computer written in a language that you can understand without all the “techno” jargon.  The newsletter will cover such topics as:

  • The “REAL” truth about virus protection
  • How to spot online scams and hoaxes
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  • How the computer can make you life easier
  • Is wireless networking for you
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Also reading my newsletter will be a way for you to “get to know me.”

Now this is not to say that my newsletters won't contain links to some of the products or services that I have to offer because they will. Of course, I want you to buy my products or services,  BUT…   I promise that each newsletter will contain useful information that will help you regardless of how much you know about your computer.

Additionally, occasionally you will get a separate e-mail with information regarding a resource or product that I believe will help you. Offering products and services is what allows me to deliver the content to you for free.

PLUS, as a value added service, you will get “Bulletin” emails with time critical information. Items such as, the newest virus to watch out for or the latest online scams.

If I ever fail to live up to this promise, all you need to do is click the unsubscribe link that is present in every e-mail newsletter.


Here's An Offer I Hope You Won't Refuse


Earlier I said I wanted you to put me to the test and see whether or not I'm someone who can help you.  To do that, when you sign up for a subscription to my “Computers Made Simple” e-mail newsletter I’ll send you a FREE Report “The 7 Things You Absolutely Must Know Before You Let Anyone Touch Your Computer!  

In it you’ll find valuable information:

  • How to prevent the loss of ALL your information on your computer.
  • Avoid buying hardware or software that is NOT compatible with your computer.
  • Discover questions to ask anyone before they start working on your computer.
  • Plus so much more…


To sum up this offer:

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If you are a computer user, I'm not sure why anyone would say "no" to an offer like that!

There is only one more stipulation or favor that I would like to ask, but I'm sure you'll agree that's it's a fair one.  After you have read the report and newsletter, I want you to recommend it to friends, family, everyone you know that would be able to use this information. 

You have my personal guarantee that subscribing to this newsletter will turn out to be one of the best decisions you've ever made.



Steve Hurst  

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We respect your privacy and hate spam as much as you do.  Your information will never be rented, traded or sold.


If you live in the Arklahoma area including, Ft. Smith or Van Buren, AR, Sallisaw, Poteau, OK and all surrounding areas, contact me for any and all your computer or technology problems.

Steve Hurst

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