What’s That Noise?

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One of the problems I see or hear a lot… have to do with the
noises a computer makes. The main noise makers inside most
computers are the fans, hard drive and CD/DVD player.

No matter how much noise a computer makes, if it’s made the
same noises since you’ve had the computer, then you shouldn’t
have to worry too much. It’s when the noises sound
“different”….that’s the time for concern.

It would be almost impossible (or a VERY LONG email) for me to
go over every type of noise that a computer can make. But, let
me give a couple of examples and what noises to be concerned
about and on the lookout.

The most common (or at least for me) noise problem that I hear
about, have to do with the fans inside the computer. Usually,
you have the fan on the power supply and a fan on the CPU chip.
Sometimes, depending on the computer, you’ll have case fan(s)
that help to keep your computer cooled.

Whenever you hear a fan noise problem, it’s best to get it
checked out ASAP. If it’s the power supply or the CPU fan, it
could cause major problems.

If all of a sudden you hear a very high “whining” sound or a
metal scraping sound, turn your computer off immediately and
have it checked out. This could be the sound of the hard drive
and a sign that it’s bad or going bad. In either case, don’t
keep turning it on. If it’s at the early stages of going bad,
you data might be savable.

One more type of noise or sounds that your computer can make
are various “beeping” sounds. Usually each type of beep has a
meaning, however, if you ever hear any beeping sounds (other
than the ones it may always make when your turn it on or
off)…get it check out also.

Bottom line, if your computer starts making abnormal noises,
it’s best to get them check out as soon as possible.


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