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If you live in the Arklahoma area including, Ft. Smith or Van Buren, AR, Stigler, Sallisaw, Poteau, OK and all surrounding areas, contact me for any and all your computer or technology problems.

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“It’s difficult to find a computer gaming computer graphics card expert who’s both knowledgeable, available and can speak beyond the vocabulary of a techno-twit. The more than reasonable fees that you charged were just icing on the cake to the much more important matter of being able to take care of the computer problems on such a short notice as you have done time and time again. You’ve acted as the equivalent of the proverbial doctor who makes emergency house calls from the days of old.”

Bill Acker
Bill Acker Consulting Services



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Computer & Technology Services:

I can handle any and all of your computer needs. Hardware, software, networking, Internet and much more, I will solve ALL your computer and technology problems. I even provide computer buying services, helping you pick out the right computer for your needs. You can start enjoying your hassle-free computer, no longer having to hate your computer.

Remote Access Program:

Allows me to access your computer from my office (as long as you have Internet connection and with your permission, of course) and determine if your problem is software related and if so, the majority of the times I can solve the problem.

Preventive Maintenance Program:

You take your car in for an oil change every 3000 miles have its tires rotated and get the engine tuned up from time to time. Although you make sure to maintain your vehicle, most people fail to perform similar tasks on their personal computers, even though you may spend more time in front of your computer than you do in your car.

Your computer performs best when it receives regular, professional maintenance. With regular maintenance, your computer operates more effectively and is less prone to problems. There are 3 programs available to choose from…one is right for you.

Website Services:

Whether you have an existing website or want to create one, I can help you. If you want to create a website, I can explain the steps necessary to have a site up and running. Registering your domain name, providing hosting, email and a maintenance program are all part of the services I can provide to you. If you already have a website, we can come up with a Website Maintenance Program to make sure your website is free of troubles.

“For the past five years, Steve’s technical expertise has been invaluable to my appraisal business. In a marketplace which offers an overwhelming array of products gaming brands, he has assisted me in choosing appropriate computers as well as peripherals such as scanners, printers and digital cameras; installed and networked equipment; and advised me on software use and program design. Without any specific background in my field, Steve quickly grasped the concepts of what I needed to provide to my clients and developed the appropriate templates. His knowledge is broad-based and widespread, familiar with older systems and equipment yet very well-versed in the newest products and developments. He provides wise counsel on what is truly used and applicable. Most valuable of all, Steve is able to communicate facts and instructions in an easily understood, no-tech manner. I was particularly impressed with his patience in making sure that not only were programs properly installed, but that I was competent in using them myself. His response time to calls and questions is exemplary, and he is highly motivated to find the best solutions for his clients.”

Mary Sudar , ASA
Accredited Senior Appraiser
Sudar Appraisals



“Cutting right through all the confusion, and using language that is easy to understand, Steve quickly arrives at the right solution time after time. When other computer techs have either dropped the ball or couldn’t find the real problem, he simply fixed my computer and got things back on track lalafanfan duck dibujo. He’s been my number one ‘go to’ man for years.”

Bobbie Baxter
Change For Good,™ Inc.

I provide a guarantee on all my services.

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